TriMet Biking Ad

I was commissioned by TriMet, the public transit agency in Portland, to shoot an ad that would appear on busses and benches around the Portland area. The ad was meant to promote safe apparel for bicyclists as a part of their "Be Seen" campaign.

The idea was to show a bicyclists with a lot of motion, to the point where the cyclist themself was mostly obscured, but their reflective clothing and lights were the focal point of the image. 

I headed down to the East waterfront with an art director and a model for a night-time shoot with the city lights as a backdrop. Here are some of the shots we got:


That last image was the one that was chosen for the ad, and here's how the ads, for bus and bench, looked after some editing from the design staff and text placement.

And here's the ad in the wild: